What sets Cougar International apart from similar providers in the industry is that, in addition to our years of operational experience, we are very much focused on the development of emerging technologies and operational techniques in order to:

Study the Art of the Possible

Research a Solution or Application

Test an Operational Benefit

Train and Deploy the Solution or Countermeasure

Move on to the Next Challenge

Cougar is a class leader in the provision of specialist security services, management and training. All security issues are addressed with regard to physical and technical requirements along with any known ethical, strategic or geographical factors which may play a part.

The company is staffed by former UK operations officers, managers and operators. Our pro-active recruiting approach ensures current expertise and reliability in all aspects of our operations.

Cougars extensive capabilities range far beyond far beyond the general skills and services of a 'standard' Private Security Company. We are skilled in providing a framework of support for National Governments in Strategic Security planning and associated disciplines.

Consulting Services

Development & Mentoring

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Training Services 

Technical Surveillance

Close Protection & Protective Security Services 

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