Cougar International Ltd is a specialist security services provider, which employs a very different approach to security services. Our “Poacher turned Gamekeeper” attitude to security specification, security issues or security incidents we feel, is a far more effective way of securing high value property, individuals and business operations. We are sure that this approach is now a fundamental requirement for these insecure times in respect of the specification, installation and operation of comprehensive security standards at all levels

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (bug sweeping).

Technical Surveillance Surveys are seen as the first line of defence in National, Business and security operations. Most sensitive departments have a Technical Countermeasures Team (sweep team) on contract to clear main offices and other locations where sensitive negotiations will take place. In these days of high-speed technology development, the incidences of information theft is becoming more prevalent and to those who wish to break the law, Information Brokering is Big Business. As the tools of the trade have become more readily available, so too have the professionals with the knowledge and practical experience to use them. It is also not unknown for certain governments to assist their own nations’ commerce by indulging in, or tacitly supporting industrial espionage.

Bug Sweeping

Security Surveys and Risk Assessments

In the current Global climate, Security Surveys, Procedures and Threat Assessments are essential at all main offices and headquarters. This falls neatly into Cougar Internationals area of expertise. We have in the past included this service as part of our TSCM tasking as an added extra. This we feel sets us apart from regular TSCM (sweep) teams. 

We think that a genuine and thorough TSCM Survey is not just a matter of confirming that there are no illicit listening devices there, but more a matter of being able to say that “there are no devices here, but if someone wanted to deploy one, this is how it could be done!”

Technical System Specification

The experience held by our technical consultants in the bypassing, immobilisation and defeating of sophisticated security and monitoring systems throughout the world, mostly under operational conditions, leaves us uniquely placed to offer the very best advice to our clients while specifying and installing security systems. This is a capability in security system specification, which is seldom available outside of major government security services. This alone ensures that our client’s systems are not only fit for purpose, but are also specified, deployed, tested and maintained to the highest standards and are supported by the very best operator training.
Security Surveys and Risk Assessments

Technical Surveillance and Surveillance Services

Our Technical Services Division conducts operations world-wide in support of Cougar Intelligence and Security operations on a day to day basis. This ensures that not only is our operational technology as up to date as is possible but is also constantly upgraded to cater for an ever-evolving threat. 

This aspect combined with our past operational experience ensures that we are better placed than most to combat the very latest Criminal and terrorist techniques and operational procedures. Our surveillance teams and instructors all have proven backgrounds in conducting surveillance globally under difficult conditions in support of operations against hardened criminals, fraudulent business activity and terrorists.

Technical Surveillance and Surveillance Services

Close protection

We provide close protection services for Government VIP’s, High Level Businessmen and financial clients operating within hostile areas during sensitive and potentially aggressive negotiations. These operations have to date been conducted in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, The Caribbean, USA, UK, Spain and the Canary Islands to name but a few. Clients served include:

  1. Banking
  2. Counter Fraud
  3. Investigators
  4. High Net Worth Families and Individuals
  5. Commercial Companies
  6. Local Politicians During Controversial Elections
     Legal Representatives
  7. Royal Family members
  8. Celebrities
  9. Sports Personalities
Close Protection