Cougar adopts a detailed and comprehensive approach to security and considers a fully rounded, tailor-made approach to security issues as the only effective solution.

The process by which Cougar achieves this involves a detailed analysis of the client's aims, objectives and priorities, followed by the application of Cougar's' experience, innovation, cutting edge technology and lateral thinking resulting in an effective, current, cost effective and forwardly up-gradable security solution.

This approach includes the following important factors: 

  • Involvement in the project at the earliest opportunity
  • Thorough threat analysis and evaluation
  • Continuous and routine client liaison
  • Flexibility of thought and action combined with sound administration
  • A discreet but proactive profile 


All work undertaken by Cougar is carried out to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity. The Company has an extensive track record and maintains an exceptionally high level of client confidentiality. Our vision is, and has always been, to demonstrate that we are one of the best at what we do. 

We are cognisant at all times that the only way for us to succeed is to deliver outstanding performance. Cougar's primary aim is to security does not interfere with business so that the client can concentrate on his work leaving Cougar to to deal with the specific matters of security, advice and training, thereby creating a seamless frictionless working relationship.

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