Security Consultants Defence & Aerospace

Security Consultants Defence & Aerospace We seek to shape and influence strategic leadership in relation to policy and procedures across the full spectrum of threats and risks posed to operations in the Defence and Space sector. Our consultants have operated within the Government Security space and are subject matter experts in Physical, Technical and Cyber […]

Threat Assessment Centre (TAC)

Threat Assessment Centre (TAC)

Threat Assessment Centre (TAC) Remaining one step ahead of the game is so important to our clients, especially when they are undertaking overseas travel, away on business in their home country or even when they are staying at their residence. Our intelligence-led, threat & risk-based approach is designed specifically to meet individual client needs based […]

Family and HNWI Security Risk evaluation and Consultancy


Family and HNWI Security Risk evaluation and Consultancy Hawksight, we run the most advanced live Intelligence monitoring and alerting software system which can be tuned to specific areas, events and threat types. We can report and update our clients on a routine or specific time of their choice. Assessments of existing activity and security arrangements […]

Technical Security Training

Training & Development - Cougar International

Technical Security Training Training tasks will be conducted either on the client’s own equipment, or on suitable cost-effective equipment that we can recommend and procure. Our technical training courses include but are not limited to: Security surveys and security system specification Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Audio Intelligence gathering Video and CCTV Operations Covert Technical Tracking […]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical Surveillance Measures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Information gathering through the use of electronic eavesdropping and covert video attacks present a real and significant threat to a company or organisations sensitive commercial or operational information. As exploitable technology has become more sophisticated and more readily available, the risk to both Governmental and Commercial entities has become much more of […]

Tailored Specialist Services

Cougar-International - Tailored-Services

Tailored Specialist Service Cougar’s diversity ensures that our training courses will be bespoke to our clients operational needs and are always constructed following an in-depth study of the requirement. It is often the case that training is delivered with little attention given to long term evolution, changing threat vectors and maintenance of effective team skills. […]

Close Protection

Cougar International - Close Protection Services

Close Protection Ensuring Privacy, Providing Protection, Delivering Security Physical Security and CP 2020. Cougar International is the architect of the CP2020 ethos. In this approach we analyse the client requirement in detail and assess exactly what is required. We look carefully at where we can enhance security effectiveness by using technology to: Reduce the requirement […]

Research & Development

Cougar International - Security Research and Development

Research & Development We strive to stay at the head of the pack and be the most effective provider in the marketplace, to realistically achieve this we must be ahead of emerging threats at all times. In order to ensure this, Cougar has partnered with a number of leaders in the technology field to provide […]

Communications & Networking

Communications & Networking - Cougar International

Communications & Networking CONTACT US ABOUT COMUNICATIONS & NETWORKING Cougar is partnered with Bridge Systems Ltd, a leading provider of communications solutions with bases in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Bridge Systems have consistently operated at the very top of the marketplace for over 20 years. Their passionate and highly experienced technical and administrative […]


Surveillance - Cougar International

Surveillance The Cougar surveillance team is formed from operators who have a great deal of experience operating in many different environments across the Globe. All have operated against hard-line terrorist and highly organised criminal organisations. Cougar’s surveillance equipment is always current and of the highest standard. Our communications systems are robust and employ the latest […]