Operational Training

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Operational Training Cougar constructs training teams “specific to task” assuring clients of the highest standards of relevant training for individuals or complete operational units. Our strongest points in this respect are significant and satisfy the requirement from three approaches. We rely heavily on our team members years of operational experience in many theatres around the […]

Security Surveys

Security Surveys - Cougar International

Security Surveys In the Global climate today, it is essential that both places of business and domestic residences are physically and technically secure to ensure the security of personnel and business critical information. The importance of this is further exacerbated in these days of Covid 19 with increases in remote working from less secure domestic […]

Technical Services

Security Surveys and Risk Assessments

TECHNICAL SERVICES​ The Technologies and Methods used to defeat and detect illegal technical surveillance have had to evolve and change at a meteoric rate. Primarily this is due to exposure in the media and through well publicised botched attempts by semi professionals to earn significant revenues by conducting these activities for their clients. Stealing information […]