Close Protection

Ensuring Privacy, Providing Protection, Delivering Security

Physical Security and CP 2020. Cougar International is the architect of the CP2020 ethos. In this approach we analyse the client requirement in detail and assess exactly what is required. We look carefully at where we can enhance security effectiveness by using technology to:
  • Reduce the requirement for a physical presence to a minimum
  • Optimise the “discrete security presence” factor
  • Allow the client privacy while ensuring protection
  • Increase 360-degree, 365/24/7 vigilance Minimise response and reaction time
  • Collect and store evidence Significantly lower client costs
Close Protection - Cougar International

Cougar International provides a comprehensive service that integrates physical, online, and technical and communications security underpinned by effective awareness training. 

We have global reach through an extensive international network of trusted associates and can react swiftly to problems whenever and wherever they occur.  We can provide the ‘complete package’ to protect individuals, families, property and other assets or, if required, we can deliver each service separately to suit the client’s needs. Our specialist physical security services include Physical and Technical protection, vehicle and residential security.  All our personnel are trained to the highest level, have extensive international experience. We pride ourselves on or ability to understand the particular challenges facing our clients and adjust accordingly.

Our Poacher turned Gamekeeper approach ensures that all of our responsibilities are studied and evaluated from a defensive and an attacker’s point of view. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Pattern of Life studies
  • Vulnerability identification 
  • physical and technical protection systems:
      • safe rooms
      • emergency actions
      • emergency communications 
      • security operations procedures.
  • Travel Security