Family and HNWI Security Risk evaluation and Consultancy

  • Hawksight, we run the most advanced live Intelligence monitoring and alerting software system which can be tuned to specific areas, events and threat types. We can report and update our clients on a routine or specific time of their choice.
  • Assessments of existing activity and security arrangements are conducted swiftly and thoroughly to provide the client with a baseline of current capability and make recommendations for enhancement where appropriate.
  • Information Security is nowadays often referred to only in terms of IT or cybersecurity.  To be truly effective, comprehensive information security requires a combination of physical, governance and technical measures.  We provide a complete information security package that includes vulnerability testing (online and offline), physical and technical protective security, and user awareness training.    
  • Communications security is increasingly difficult to maintain.  Real-time intercept of cell phones and commercial SATCOM is well documented and is now a fact of commercial life. To counter this we provide a simple and highly effective cell phone-based secure communications capability which enables cell phone, SATPHONE and landline users to exchange sensitive information via voice, data, video and conference calls in complete confidence that private information will remain private.  
  • Technical Surveillance, often referred to as ‘bugging’, is a very real problem and increasingly easy to carry out.  Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) team have a wealth of experience at the forefront of surveillance and counter-surveillance.  We identify and neutralise unauthorised surveillance devices in buildings and vehicles, once sanitised we can install a technical service to ensure that the areas where sensitive discussions or activity are taking place remain secure ensuring continued privacy.  
  • Online Security is critical in an age of social media and social engineering where unsecured and uncontrolled online information can leave individuals exposed, “trolled” or victims of fraudulent and criminal activity.  To protect against this, we carry out vulnerability checks on the surface, deep and ‘dark’ web to assess the extent of any problem and implement mitigation measures where necessary. 
  • Reputation Management is increasingly important in a world of instant information, 24-hour news and a seemingly insatiable appetite for gossip.  Our association with some of the best PR and legal reputation management specialists in the world, combined with our strategic coordination and technical capabilities, enables us to provide a fully integrated package to protect clients reputation and privacy. 
  • Personnel Vetting is essential to ensure that prospective employees, business partners or private staff are both trustworthy and contain nothing in their professional or personal backgrounds that might embarrass or otherwise prejudice our clients’ interests.  We conduct stringent and highly effective physical and technical background checks on our clients’ behalf to minimise risk.