Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Information gathering through the use of electronic eavesdropping and covert video attacks present a real and significant threat to a company or organisations sensitive commercial or operational information. As exploitable technology has become more sophisticated and more readily available, the risk to both Governmental and Commercial entities has become much more of a reality. The threat to information security in any business concern is wide-ranging, from loss caused by accidental disclosure to deliberate attack by:

  • Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS)
  • Computer hackers
  • Industry competitors
  • Investigative journalists
  • Insider Threat
  • Organised crime
  • Information brokers
Technical Surveillance Measures

Cougar International operates a fully equipped TSCM available to our clients on a short notice 24/7 basis.

Our Poacher turned Gamekeeper ethos ensures that not only do we have fully trained and experienced TSCM operators on every team deployed we also ensure that at least one team member has proven operational experience in the deployment, operation and removal of intelligence gathering technology.